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Understanding the Distinction Between Eternity and Infinity Rings

Eternity rings and infinity rings may share a common goal, proclaiming enduring love, but they each possess unique designs and significance. While one is often chosen as an engagement ring, the other serves as an additional symbol of love and commitment.

Eternity Rings: A Testament to Forever

An eternity ring is characterized by a continuous band of diamonds encircling it, symbolizing unwavering commitment and love that knows no end. Typically, this ring is bestowed upon brides, either in conjunction with an engagement or wedding ring or as a token of affection during anniversaries.

The concept of a diamond eternity ring is relatively new in the world of traditional rings, with its origins traced back to the British company De Beers, the pioneers of the engagement ring trend in the 1930s. What sets it apart from an infinity ring is that the central diamond is fixed to the band, preventing the formation of a complete circle.

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand, closest to the heart. If you wish to wear all your rings on the same finger, you'd place the engagement ring first, followed by the eternity ring.

Infinity Rings: Eternal Love in a Different Form

Infinity rings bear the same message as eternity rings – eternal love. However, they incorporate the iconic infinity symbol or figure-eight design, signifying boundless affection. The infinity symbol can be integrated into the ring's design in various ways. Some rings feature the symbol at the top, where a central diamond would typically be placed, while others incorporate the infinity symbol into the band itself. Many couples favor silver infinity rings, although various metals can be chosen.

Which Finger is Right for Eternity and Infinity Rings?

It's a common misconception that infinity rings should be worn on the fourth finger of either hand. However, there is no fixed rule for wearing infinity rings. You have the freedom to adorn any finger on any hand, treating it as a unique fashion statement.

On the other hand, eternity rings traditionally find their place on the left hand's ring finger, nestled between the wedding and engagement rings. The order, in this case, is the engagement ring first, followed by the eternity ring.

When to Gift Eternity or Infinity Rings

Eternity and infinity rings are traditionally exchanged on significant occasions such as the birth of a first child or a momentous 10th anniversary. Additionally, these rings can make thoughtful gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Christmas so what are you waiting for? Gift an Eternity ring from Almasati now!

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