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Celebrating The August Birth Stone - Peridot

Peridot - The Birth Stone for August, is known as the gem of compassion. Also synonymous with good health, peace, and harmony.

This semi-precious stone is naturally light green in color, It ranges in hues of yellow-green.

The Peridot's Intriguing Journey: A Gem with a Unique Past

Peridots have a fascinating history, with ties to royalty, volcanoes, and even outer space. This unique backstory adds to the natural charm of this lovely green gem.

Common in certain volcanic rocks. It has been mined in Egypt for thousands of years. It can also be found in Pakistan, South Africa, and Brazil.

Gems out of this world

Peridot gems have been found in meteorites that landed on Earth millions of years ago but are quite rare. A meteorite discovered in Siberia in 1749 contained large enough peridot crystals to be used in jewelry, making it the only extraterrestrial gem suitable for wear. However, these unique stones are exceptionally scarce.