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Queen Elizabeth II's Ten Most Iconic Jewels: A Royal Legacy

As we fondly remember the late Queen Elizabeth II, we reflect on her 70-year reign adorned with some of the most exquisite and iconic jewels in history. These jewels not only symbolize regality but are also intimately connected to shared memories of an exceptional monarch. Let's delve into the top ten jewels that are eternally linked to Queen Elizabeth II's remarkable legacy.

1. Imperial State Crown:

The Imperial State Crown stands as the epitome of royalty, worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation. Created by Garrard and Company for the 1937 coronation of her father, George VI, the crown boasts breathtaking gems, including the 317.4 carat Cullinan II diamond, Stuart Sapphire, and the Black Prince's Ruby.

2. Diamond Diadem:

Crafted by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell in 1820, the Diamond Diadem is a crown jewel from the Queen's personal collection. Adorned with 1,333 diamonds and symbolic thistle, rose, and shamrock motifs, this diadem is instantly recognizable worldwide and has graced the Queen's head during every State Opening of Parliament.

3. Coronation Necklace and Earrings:

The Coronation Necklace and Earrings, worn by the Queen on various high-profile occasions, hold a special place among her memorable jewels. Commissioned after Queen Victoria's loss of jewels, Garrard created this necklace, featuring 25 brilliant-cut diamonds and a central drop-shaped pendant of 22.48 carats.

4. Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara:

A wedding present from Lady Eva Greville, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara is an iconic piece in the Queen's collection. Initially tipped with pearls, Queen Mary replaced them with 13 dazzling diamonds. This versatile tiara can be unclipped and worn as a necklace.

5. Dorset Bow Brooch:

Given to Princess Elizabeth by Queen Mary for her 1947 wedding, the Dorset Bow Brooch holds sentimental value. Although not the most valuable, it became a regular part of the Queen's attire, worn proudly on her left shoulder during various occasions.

6. Cullinan Brooch:

One of the most impressive and valuable brooches in the Queen's collection is the Cullinan Brooch. Composed of diamonds II and IV from the 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond, it reflects Queen Mary's penchant for grandeur. The brooch is jokingly referred to as 'granny's chips,' a term coined by Queen Elizabeth II herself.

7. Delhi Durbar Necklace:

Featuring nine emeralds originally owned by Queen Mary's grandmother, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Delhi Durbar Necklace is a dazzling piece often worn by the Queen at State dinners. The centerpiece, an 8.8 carat diamond pendant cut from the Cullinan diamond, adds to its grandeur.

8. Williamson Brooch:

Given to the Queen in 1947 as a wedding present, the Williamson Brooch showcases a 54.5-carat rough pink diamond. Designed by Cartier in 1953, it remains one of the prettiest and most cherished newer jewels in the Queen's collection.

9. Pearl Necklaces: