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Exploring the Birthstones of December, the Festive Month

December is a magical time, not only for its festive celebrations but also for the enchanting birthstones that grace this final chapter of the year.While we wrap the year and get ready for a new one, the search for the perfect gift for loved ones takes center stage, and a birthstone gemstone jewel is always a great choice.

Birthstones possess a unique ability to transform into bespoke gifts, adapting seamlessly to various forms—be it earrings, rings, wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces, or loose stones. Despite the term 'birthstone' implying a connection solely to December babies, these gems extend their allure to festivity lovers, enhancing celebrations with their beauty, significance, and historical resonance. Learn more about the birthstone stones for December.


  • Origin: The word 'turquoise' traces its roots to the French phrase 'Pierre turquoise,' denoting the Turkish stone. Mined first in Turkey, this gem-adorned ancient Egyptian royalty and found its way into Native American rituals and ceremonies.

  • Characteristics: Varied hues, from green to blue, with smooth textures and distinctive veiny patterns.

  • Folklore: Egyptians buried with turquoise for spiritual power; Apache tribe used it for precision in weapons. Symbolizes joy, calmness, peace, positivity, and security.


  • Origin: Discovered serendipitously on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in the 1960s, tanzanite stands as a rare and unique gemstone.

  • Color Palette: Ranges from light purple with blue undertones to a dark, velvety purple, making it ideal for jewelry, especially engagement rings.

  • Legend: Tanzanite's supernatural origin links to a lightning strike on Mount Kilimanjaro, turning plain crystals into enchanting purple-blue rocks. Associated with spirituality and mood swings.


  • Origin of Name: Derived from Arabic and Persian words meaning red and golden, respectively, zircon is the oldest December gem.

  • Color Spectrum: From red and orange to yellow and brown, with rare green variants. Its unique composition reacts to uranium radiations, altering its internal texture.

  • Ancient Beliefs: Ancient Arabs cherished zircon for luck and protection. Used in the 14th century as a protective charm against plagues. Associated with anti-poison properties.

In your search for the perfect December gift, let those festive birthstones guide you. Discover the fascinating stories, deep history, and special traits that make December birthstones truly enchanting, and contact us to design something extra special for your dear friend or loved one.

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