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Saudi National Day Gift Guide : Emerald Elegance

As we look forward to the celebrating Saudi National Day with you, we are thrilled to present an Almasati crafted guide ready to lead you through this significant celebration.

We warmly welcome you to discover this unique range, of beautiful emerald and diamond jewelry creations, that are the perfect gifts to dear ones, yourself included, to mark Saudi National Day with both elegance and deep significance.

Alternating Princess & Oval Emerald Bracelet

This Alternating Emerald Bracelet seamlessly combines classic and modern design elements making it an ideal and thoughtful gift

Out One Out - Emerald Eternity Diamond with a Drop

Celebrate KSA National Day with this distinctive pear-cut Odd One Out Ring, adorned with lively green emeralds and featuring a unique central diamond. An elegant gift perfect for any every-day effortless stack.

Odd One Out Pear-Cut Bracelet - Green Emeralds

This unique pear-cut Odd One Out Bracelet with its vibrant green emeralds and distinctive diamond in the middle , to celebrate the nation's pride and heritage, making it a meaningful gift for your loved ones during this occasion of celebration. Ready for immediate delivery.

Oval Vertical Diamond Earrings

These multi shaped diamond earrings are the perfect addition to any stack this Saudi National Day as they can be paired with any outfit for this special celebration. Ready for immediate delivery, and available as one piece or a diamond earring set.

Scattered Multi Sized Emerald Bracelet

This scattered emerald bracelet is a standout timeless piece,, that complements any stack. This emerald jewelry crafted with meticulous attention to detail pairs well with celebrating Saudi National Day with loved ones.

Find the perfect gifts for your loved ones on this significant day and elevate the occasion with Almasati. Shop in preparation for this special event, where certain jewelry pieces are ready for immediate delivery, while others may take up to 2 weeks for production.


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