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The Royal Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

With the recent Royal wedding of Princess Iman Bint Abdullah, or the much awaited upcoming Royal Wedding of Jordan of Crown Prince Hussein and Miss Najwa Al Saif, you might be wondering what would be great gift ideas for such a wedding occasion. Whether you are going to the same wedding, or just attending any upcoming weddings, here is a list of suggestions for gifts that work really well for such an occasion. Discover more below

Vertical Multi shaped Diamond Earrings

Designed with multi-shaped diamond cuts, these earrings are a great statement that work very well l as a bridal gift. These vertical earrings are a great statement due to their unique set of mismatched diamond shapes. The earrings are available in different versions with different diamond cuts. These earrings are the perfect choice for those seeking a modern effortless glamorous Eid look.

Diamond Earing

Diamond bracelets

Multi-colored sapphire bracelet

this bracelet is loved by many and can be easily dressed beautifully on it,s own, or stacked with other tennis bracelets and diamond jewelry of all sorts.

1) Princess and Oval Emerald Bracelet: This unique bracelet features princess and oval emeralds cuts, with diamonds in between, delicately set in a stunning design, it is also available in blue sapphires, and red rubies

2) Odd one-out bracelets: Elevate your style with this unique pear-shaped sapphire bracelet, adorned with a single odd diamond that stands out from the rest. This is one of our signature designs, available in a variety of color options: Blue sapphires, pink sapphires, green emeralds, and red rubies. It is a great Eid gift idea for a special someone.

3) Ruby Bracelet:

4) Spaced Out Multi-Shaped Diamond Bracelet: This bracelet is crafted with multi-shaped diamonds in a uniform pattern, oval, marquise, and emeralds, and a total of 3.388cts, set into 18k rose gold, it is a great choice for a special Eid gift. These bracelets are stacked with meaningful jewelry creations from our sister brand @HibaJaber_offiicial, similar to the custom bracelet gifted to Miss Rajwa, the future wife of the Crown Prince of Jordan, Prince Hussein.